Autism signs – has your child displayed any of these?

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Have you been noticing possible Autism signs in your child before they’ve even reached their first birthday? Does your child fail to make simple eye contact or appear to have difficulty recognizing your voice?

Do you find that your child has reached the nine month point yet still never utters even a babble? Autism signs in children may appear and be noticed during their very early development – as early as six months – in both behavior and later in language and speech.

In the extreme, you’d notice that your child showed virtually no ability to respond to stimuli from other people. A general lack of responsiveness and interaction especially with their immediate caregivers – may be signs of autism.

Signs to be aware of also include the child not responding to their own name – sometimes you’re not sure whether they actually heard you or not. They’ll tend to resist touchy – feely actions and at times seem lost in their own private universe.

The child may even become overly entranced by objects with a repetitive motion like a spinning toy for an extended period of time.

When they do ask you for something, their speech may be almost robotic or have a strange rhythm and they will rarely look you directly in the eye. Maintaining a flow of conversation is almost non-existent, though their physical movements can be non-stop.

Though usually of high intelligence, the child showing autism signs has difficulty in applying the simplest life skills they have seemingly mastered. Repelling being touched, not being interactive and shunning eye contact with parents while focusing on objects seem to be crucial autism signs.

Although autism is usually diagnosed around the age of three, The American Academy of Pediatrics is suggesting that every child be screened for autism twice by the age of two. Latest estimates from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate as many as one in 150 8-year-olds has a form of autism.

Author Rachel Evans has created “The Essential Guide to Autism”. To find out about more click here!

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Autism signs identified more accurately now

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